Detail Message

Detail messages are an integral part of Entry messages and are not used outside that context. A Detail message represents an amount that is used to adjust an Account balance.

Ledger's Reference mechanism allows the application to connect the Detail to an external entity, for example a customer, vendor, payment processor, etc.

Business Rules

  • Detail Messages have no stand-alone function.
  • Detail records can specify only one of amount, debit, or credit.
  • debit and credit are convenience properties. A debit amount is negated and stored as the amount, a credit amount is stored without change.

Detail Message Properties

Property Type Description
account EntityRef A reference to the affected account.
amount string A valid amount for this Currency.
credit string A valid amount for this Currency.
debit string A valid amount for this Currency.
reference Reference A link to an external entity.
signTest readonly int The sign of the amount (+1 or -1), set on validation.

Requirements for each Command

Property Add Delete Get Update
account M M M M
amount 1 _ _ 1
credit 1 _ _ 1
debit 1 _ _ 1
reference O _ _ O
signTest _ _ _ _
  • O - Optional
  • M - Must be supplied
  • X - Invalid
  • _ - Ignored
  • 1 - debit and credit are converted to amount as described in business rules.