The Entry Query Message

This message is used to request one or more journal entries.

Entry Query Message Properties

Property Type Conditions Description
after int 1 ID of the last entry in a previous page request.
afterDate Carbon 1 Date of the last entry in a previous page request.
amount decimal string 2 Minimum transaction amount.
amountMax decimal string 2 Maximum transaction amount.
currency string D The transaction currency.
date Carbon 3 The minimum transaction date.
dateEnding Carbon 3 The maximum transaction date.
description string O A description to match (using SQL "like" syntax)
domain string D The ledger domain to query.
limit int D The number of records to return.
reference Reference O A link to an external entity.
reviewed bool O Find reviewed/unreviewed/all states.
  • D - If omitted, a default value is assumed
  • O - Optional
  • 1 - Required on second and subsequent pages
  • 2 - Optional. Set amount equal to amountMax to retrieve a specific value.
  • 3 - Optional. Set date equal to dateEnding to retrieve a specific value.