Reference Message

A Reference is a "soft" link to an entity outside the Ledger. Links are soft because there is no built-in mechanism to support referential integrity. The application can define a unique code for each reference (for example, "Customer-1234") and then attach the reference to journal Entry and/or Detail objects. This allows the application to retrieve data from the external entity.

Business Rules

  • Reference codes must be unique within a domain.
  • Reference codes are case-insensitive.

Reference Message Properties

Property Type Description
code string A unique identifier within the Domain.
domain EntityRef Ledger domain. If not provided the default is used.
extra string An arbitrary string for use by the application.
journalReferenceUuid string System assigned UUID for the reference.
revision string The revision hash code for the account.
toCode string A new Domain code to be assigned in an update operation.

Requirements for each Command

Property Add Delete Get Update
code M M M M
domain D D D D
extra O _ _ O
journalReferenceUuid O _ _ O
revision X _ _ M
toCode _ _ _ O
  • D - If omitted, a default value is assumed
  • O - Optional
  • M - Must be supplied
  • X - Invalid
  • _ - Ignored