The SubJournal Message

A SubJournal is a separate journal that is used to record transactions of a certain type. A SubJournal is not required, however some jurisdictions may require this feature.

Business Rules

  • SubJournal codes must be unique.
  • The SubJournal must have at least one name.

SubJournal Message Properties

Property Type Description
code string A unique identifier for the SubJournal.
extra string An arbitrary string for use by the application.
names Name A list of names.
revision string The revision hash code for the SubJournal. Required on delete or update.
toCode string A new SubJournal code to be assigned in an update operation.

Requirements for each Command

Property Add Delete Get Update
code M M M M
extra O _ _ O
names M _ _ O
revision _ _ _ M
toCode _ _ _ O
  • O - Optional
  • M - Must be supplied
  • X - Invalid
  • _ - Ignored